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Patio Adventures 2020 - Go Into the Light

The Summer of 2020 was spent mostly at home because of the lock-down. My patio became the go-to place for relaxation and contemplation. Spending so much time on the patio I started noticing all the little things that were going on around me. More careful observation of the garden flowers and their various stages of blossoming. Insects and birds became much more interesting to observe, I suppose even watching the grass grow became a pastime!

One late afternoon, sitting out with a glass of wine, I noticed that the angle of the sun shining through my wine glass was creating a bright light spot and diffraction spikes or starbursts. As I moved my head back and forth or up and down the colors changed because of the prism effect. I grabbed the camera phone and noticed the starbursts were more exaggerated due to the addition refraction of the lens. I snapped a few pictures at slightly different positions and captured the different colored star bursts.

I remembered that I had a set of attachable lenses for the smart phone including a starburst lens, so I put that on and got some interesting results.

So, another afternoon gone, but a little entertainment courtesy of Mother Nature and the Laws of Physics and light refraction.

More Patio Adventures 2020 will follow so stay tuned!

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