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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Whether out around the local area or on a distant trip or vacation, if I see an interesting, unusual humorous, or thought provoking sign, poster, or advertisement, the camera comes out. Over the years my Google Photo gallery has grown to about 26,000 images and what I like about Google is the power of their image recognition algorithms. You can enter a keyword in the search field and Google will return any photos that match the keyword. Since there is not much to do during this winter lock-down, I started doing some searches for random items. I typed in "signs" and got a couple hundred photos representing various signs. I thought it would be fun to pick out some and share on this blog. This is what you do with lots of time on your hands, I guess.

The banner sign above was taken on one of our German trips. The graphic is pretty clear as the sign reminds folks that "Hundekot ist zu entsorgen" or "Dog poop is to be disposed of". Of course we have similar signs here, this one from our local Rail Trail.


Pet Friendly France

Another pet related sign we saw on our 2018 trip to France was in a parking lot at a tourist site. It was pretty clear that if you lock a pet in hot a car, it's OK for anyone to break your windows to free the pet.


For Cat Lovers

Cat poster spotted in a shop on a trip to New Mexico back in 2017.


Wine Humor

We find that when visiting wineries and vineyards, the tasting rooms and shops always seem to have some fun wine humor signs and posters.


We can't forget about the sweets......


More on adult beverages......


You Have Been Warned...


I Get No Respect

Father's Day cards from my son and daughter.


Spotted at a Local Church


Profound and Deep


Shhhhhhh, Don't Tell


Would Like To Meet This Person!

Holiday Inn Foxboro Mass 2019


Visit to a traditional bakery in village of Favaios, Portugal, on our 2019 Viking River Cruise.


Coffee Time


Got Your Attention Yet?


Follow The Instructions

A weekend getaway to the Poconos Fall 2020, this in the bathroom of our AirBnB.


Final Random Signs

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